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About the Materials

Learn the language in its cultural context

Language is born out of and shaped by culture. Use of language, in turn, shapes how people think, so in order to properly communicate in a given language, a student needs to learn to think like a native speaker of that language. This is what the Kakehashi series is designed to do - coach students to approach the language the way a Japanese person would.

Expose yourself to how Japanese is really used

All examples and questions are presented in realistic Japanese using kanji Chinese characters (with pronunciation guides).

The textbook is divided into two sections: Chapters 1-6 which focus on building a basic understanding of the culture and how the langauge is constructed and chapters 7-16 which focus on different themes such as transportation, home life, or shopping. These "thematic" chapters begin with natural-sounding dialogs to illustrate how Japanese people would really communicate in such situations.

Follow along in the workbook

The workbook is designed to mirror the structure of the textbook. For every grammar/cultural point introduced in the textbook there are corresponding exercises in the workbook.

The exercises are designed not only to provide reinforcement through repetition, but to force students to stop and actively consider the question in light of the cultural background provided in the textbook. This approach encourages students to begin thinking about communication from a Japanese perspective.

Check out the samples below!

Kakehashi Textbook Chapter 2
Kakehashi Textbook Chapter 7
Kakehashi Workbook Sample


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